Kenneth Lonergan / Second Stage Theater



Measure For Measure

William Shakespeare / Cal Shakes

Director Tyne Rafaeli wrestles with questions of consent and agency over one’s body (both politic and personal) in this funny and gritty staging of Measure for Measure

In a sinful city besieged by a new ruler, the puritanical and deceitful Angelo, Claudio is sentenced to death for fornication. Angelo lusts after Claudio’s sister, Isabella—an aspiring nun—and gives her an ultimatum: save her brother’s life by giving up her chastity. 

Isabella’s virtue in the face of hypocrisy highlights the misdeeds of those who claim morality and justice, and shows that desperate times call for a subversive spirit. 

The Two Gentlemen Of Verona

William Shakespeare / SCS

August 1st 2017 - September 3rd 2017

Join Proteus and Valentine as they strive to succeed in the perilous court of Milan and learn what it means to be gentlemen.  Joined by a pair of colorful clowns, a dog, and Shakespeare’s first cross-dressing woman, the two young men embark on a journey that pits love against friendship in this sexy and surreal comedy.

Picnic & Come Back, Little Sheba

William Inge / Transport Group

February 23rd 2016 - April 23rd 2017

The company that brought you the OBIE-award winning revival of The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, returns to William Inge, presenting two of his greatest plays in rotating repertory: Picnic and Come Back, Little Sheba. These plays in rotating repertory offer audiences a rare opportunity to experience back-to-back masterpieces that expose what Elia Kazan termed the "quiet terror" of Inge's world. 

Nat Turner In Jerusalem

Nathan Alan Davis / NYTW

September 7th - October 16th, 2016. 

In August 1831, Nat Turner led a slave uprising that shook the conscience of the nation. Turner's startling account of his prophecy and the insurrection was recorded and published by attorney Thomas R. Gray. NYTW 2050 Fellow Nathan Alan Davis makes his New York debut with a timely play that imagines Turner's final night in a jail cell in Jerusalem, Virgina, as he is revisited by Gray and they reckon with what has passed and what the dawn will bring. Woven with vivid imagery and indelible lyricism, NAT TURNER IN JERUSALEM examines the power of an individual's resolute convictions and their seismic reverberations through time.


The Sensuality Party

Justin Kuritzkes / The New Group 

April 25th - May 13th, 2016

Justin Kuritzkes’ new play THE SENSUALITY PARTY depicts six college students – three women and three men – who reflect on an afternoon of group sex they shared during their first semester, and how what began as a rather casual experiment went suddenly and horribly wrong. As they internalize and even fetishize this event, they battle their own disaffection and disconnection from the wider world. Kuritzkes offers an incisive look at his own post-9/11 generation’s consciousness. 


Bad Jews

Josh Harmon / Studio Theatre

December 3rd, 2015 - February 1st, 2016

The night after their grandfather's funeral, three cousins engage in a verbal battle royale over a family heirloom. In one corner is the unstoppable and self-assured force of "Super Jew" Daphna. In the other, the immovable and entitled object of her secular cousin Liam. And in the middle is Liam's brother Jonah, trying to stay out of the fray.

Rowan Vickers (left) and Phillip James Brannon (right) in NAT TURNER IN JERUSALEM.